Clubs & Activities

Participation in clubs and activities helps students develop a sense of camaraderie and make friendships based on common interests. We encourage students to get involved and have some fun while they learn new skills.


Join us after school to learn the art and skill of archery. Archery was historically used for hunting and combat, but today our Cougars shoot targets and enjoy friendly competitions.


Art club is a place where creative students gather to hone in on their skills and develop their techniques—and have a lot of fun. All students, regardless of ability, are welcome to join us. Let’s see where our creativity takes us!

Cougar Pride

FIS Cougar Pride is our school leadership group where we take on projects to bolster school pride and belonging. Students in this club read school announcements over the intercom, plan spirit week activities, are involved in assemblies, run the school store, and much more. Students must go through an application process to become a member of FIS Cougar Pride.


In our after-school robotics club, students integrate computer science and engineering. They enjoy designing, constructing, and operating robots with like-minded peers.