Learn More About Our School

Flag View Intermediate School isn’t a typical elementary school. Although an elementary school, we are one of the few fifth and sixth-grade schools in the entire state of Nevada. At FIS, we actively prepare our students for middle and high school. As part of this preparation, our students use lockers and our teachers are departmentalized by content area.

STEM Education

We’re honored to provide STEM education through Project Lead the Way. Through this program, we provide engaging, hands-on classroom environments that empower our Cougars to develop the knowledge and skills they need to thrive. Students solve real-world challenges and learn computer science, engineering, and biomedical science through engaging activities that feel like play and that stick with them through life.


To meet our mission statement, Flag View Intermediate School must be a place where:

  • staff and students are engaged in the business of learning;
  • everyone feels safe and respected;
  • everyone follows school expectations and policies; and
  • all follow state laws and local ordinances.

Therefore, everyone at Flag View Intermediate School must:

  • contribute to the learning environment;
  • respect individual difference in age, gender, ethnicity, ability, interest, talents, preferences, and opinions;
  • communicate respectfully at all times; and
  • contribute to a safe and healthy environment by adhering to state laws, school district policies, and school and classroom rules.